Welcome the delegation of Taipei Veterans Hospital, Taiwan

In the cooperation between Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Taipei Veterans Hospital of Taiwan, following the Vietnam-Taiwan Bilateral Conference held at Hanoi Medical University on March 1st , 2019.

In the morning of March 2nd , 2019, a delegation from Taipei Veterans Hospital of Taiwan led by Prof. Chang Yuh-Lih - Head of the Clinical Pharmacy Department and his colleagues paid a visit to Hanoi University of Pharmacy and had a promotion of cooperative opportunities in the fields of clinical pharmacy, pharmacology, drug development, and exchange of lecturers and students.

To welcome the delegation of Taipei Veterans Hospital of Taiwan, were there Assoc. Prof Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Rector, Head of Science Management Department, Head of International Relations Department and Heads/ Deputy Heads of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomic and Management Dep., Biochemistry Dep., Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dep. and several representatives from Hanoi University of Pharmacy.

Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Taipei Veterans Hospital signed a MOU in July 2018. Based on the agreement of the both parties, some of the lecturers were sent to Taipei Veterans Hospital to enhance professional ability on practical pharmacy training in 2018. At the meeting, the two parties also agreed to expand the cooperation in 2019, focusing on some key areas: (1) Training in pharmaceutical practice in clinical pharmacy and community pharmacy; (2) Exchanging lecturers and students; (3) Strengthening cooperation in research such as: (i) Unifying to participate in bidding for 01 protocol project, research proposal will be submitted to relevant agencies of the two sides before 5 March 2019; (ii) Coordinating the deployment of new drug development research projects; (iii) Co-organizing a Scientific Workshop; (iv) Co-guiding the thesis for postgraduate students of the Universities.


At the end of the meeting, Prof. Chang Yuh-Lih thanked for the warm welcome from Hanoi University of Pharmacy and hoped that there would be increased cooperation in training and scientific research in the coming period.