Graduation Ceremony for Pharmacists of School-year 2011

On July 21st 2011, Hanoi University of Pharmacy organized the ceremony of school year closure and graduation for 638 students of the regular course No. 61, the connected course No.42 and the course No.4 of second degree system.

​ Out of 638 students who meet educational qualifications for graduation, there are 13 well graduated students (1,90%); 241 relatively good graduated students (35,29%); 338 relatively good-average-graduated students (49,49%); and 91 students graduated with the rank of average  (13,32%).  Among them:
+ 450 regular system graduates with 11 ones ranked at excellent level, 168 at good, 215- satisfactory and 56 average-ranked. The number of students graduated with good and relatively good ranks counted for 40%.
+ 191 in-service system graduates of whom there are 2 excellent, 71 good, 104 satisfactory, and 14 average-ranked students. The rate of excellent and good students is about 38%.
+ 42 second degree system graduated students, among them, there are 2 students awarded as relatively good rank, 19 relatively good-average and 21 average-ranked students. The rate of good and relatively good students is about 5%
On behalf of the University leadership, Ass. Prof. Dr. Thái Nguyễn Hùng Thu, Vice Rector, summarized the school-year-end report and praised the achievement and efforts of graduate students. Ass. Prof. Dr. Thái Nguyễn Hùng Thu emphasized that the knowledge gained from the University is just the basic expertise for the students to go ahead with the professional career. “After graduating, in various jobs, you still have to continue studying and try to do the best to apply what gained from the University in reality in order to do your jobs well. The University always keeps a close watch on you and is willing to assist you in technical area. We wishe to see you again in post-graduate programs and/or in other cooperative research and technology transferring activities”, said Ass. Prof. Dr. Thái Nguyễn Hùng Thu at the ceremony.
At the ceremony, the University rewarded 98 students with certificates of merit for their outstanding achievements in various activities during the whole course, among them: 13 students have achieved comprehensively distinguished results; 6 students have achieved distinguished results in study; and 79 students have had great achievements in other activities.
Some pictures of the Graduation Ceremony