Pharma Cup 2016 final match

With the approval from Party Committee and Directorate Board of Hanoi University of Pharmacy, a football tournament named Pharma Cup 2016 has been organized by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of HUP. Following the success of previous tournaments, Pharma Cup 2016 also attracts many football teams. This tournament is not only a place for all players to show their enthusiasm, their love as well as their spirit with the ball but also a place to connect all the students together. 

Attending the closing ceremony of Pharma Cup 2016 on 13th November 2016 at Huy Hoang Stadium, there are attendances of:
-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuyen - Member of Standing Committee of HUP Party Committee;
-Mr. Le Xuan Ky - Lecturer of Department of Physical chemistry and Physics;
-Mr. Doan Minh Sang - Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of HUP Staff of Department of Student Management;
-Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet – Deputy Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of HUP.
Moreover, we should not forget to mention the attendance of two HUP’s best football teams, many students and spectators of HUP who have made a Pharma Cup final match more excited and intensive! 
Chung ket 2.PNG
Team of M1K67 and M1K68 before the final match.
Pharma Cup 2016’s final match is not only attractive but also very intensive, which makes spectators very surprised with each goal and the way players played. After the final match, the champion of Pharma Cup 2016 was finally found out, M1K67 team. They beat M1K68 with the scoretwo – one (2-1). Third prize was awarded to two teams: N3 – P1K67 and M3K67.
Chung ket 3.PNG
The Champion Cup and prize for M1K67 team was awarded
by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuyen 
Chung ket 4.PNG
The second prize for M1K68 team was awarded by Mr. Le Xuan Ky.
In addition, organizing committee also awarded supporting prizes for:
-  The best cheerleading to class N3-P1K67.
- Best scorers to Giap Van Duong, student of class M1K67.
- Winner of photo contest “Hot boy Pharma Cup 2016” to Nguyen Tung Duong, student of A6K71.
The organizing committee would like convey their thanks to HUP Directorate Board for providing HUP students the opportunity to held this tournament; big thanks to all students, who followed from the beginning till the end of tournament; last but not least, sincerely thank to all sponsors: Buger King, 24h Sport TShirt, Single Corner, and media sponsor: 24/7 Sport News.
Once again, congratulations to Pharma Cup 2016 that has been organized successfully and wonderfully. Congratulations to M1K67 team on being the champion of Pharma Cup 2016!
Some pictures in the final match
Chung ket 5.PNG

Chung ket 6.PNG