Dear Colleagues,

Being the only specialized university in training pharmacists nationwide in Vietnam, Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) plays a distinctive and leading role in the academic and professional evolution of the pharmaceutical profession. With the ambition of striving to be one of the best universities of pharmacy in the Region, HUP opens its doors for cooperation, research and development. Since its inception more than a century ago, HUP has always been the place where the passion for excellence in study and research is fostered, the creativeness is encouraged, the collaboration is promoted and the harmony of common interests is assured.

Aiming at developing general pharmacists capable of practicing in many different health care environments, the curriculum of comprehensive education is tailored to the needs of the students and the Health Sector. Consistently being the top-ranked among private and public institutions of pharmacy, HUP has offered an innovative program in pharmacy education that meets the needs of the changing world since the launch of the first National Pharmacist Degree in 1926, and the first post graduate training program in 1980. Our University, alumni and students remain passionate about enhancing the quality and scope of the profession and providing service to those most in need.
Building HUP to become one of the key universities, an accredited center for training pharmacists in Vietnam and the Region is not only the aspiration of the University staff but also an objective and mission of the university in response to the common tasks of public healthcare in Vietnam in the new period. Therefore, the University is looking forward to further cooperation with more institutions from both academic and industrial sectors, domestically as well as internationally.
On behalf of HUP, I would like to welcome you to visit our campus and I wish you will have a memorable experience with us.

Prof. Dr.Nguyen Hai Nam
Rector, Hanoi University of Pharmacy