Science and technology conference to celebrate 60 years of construction and development,107 years of Pharmacy traingingining

On the morning of December 9th, 2021, Hanoi University of Pharmacy held a Science and Technology Conference at Nguy Nhu Kon Tum hall. This was a scientific activity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of construction and development, 107 years of Pharmacy training.

​Speaking at the opening of the Conference, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam - Rector of the University especially emphasized the importance of science and technology in the cause of national construction and development, especially the scientific and technological researches in universities around the world as well as in Vietnam. With the mission, vision and strategic goals to 2030, Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) will be a multidisciplinary, research-oriented university combined with professional practice. By 2045, HUP will have been an innovative institution with quality research and training associated with practice, taking creativity and community services as action orientation. In order to carry out the above task, the Board of University Administrators has recognized the importance of scientific research and identified it as one of the main activities to improve the quality of the teaching staff, and at the same time improve the quality of the teaching staff and teaching quality.

Up to now, the University's scientific research activities have achieved certain results, many state and ministerial projects have been conducted, many articles have been published in domestic and foreign journals and scientific conferences.

Participating in this year's Science and Technology Conference, there were 14 scientific reports divided into 2 topics: the first part delved into analyzing the Strategic administration of the development of innovative university, inventive ecosystem, the second part includes reports on policies and strategies for pharmaceutical industry development, national science and technology programs in the field of pharmacy and a number of other scientific subjects.

This year’s conference has been assessed by the Organizing Committee as of good quality, elaborately prepared, creative and of high scientific and practical value. After a serious working day with high responsibility, the Science and Technology Conference celebrating the 60th anniversary of construction and development, 107 years of Pharmacy training has completed the proposed program content.​

Some images of the conference

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam - Rector gave an opening speech at the conference​



The delegates at the conference took commemorative photos