Fire drill and rescue plan

To implement the provisions of law on fire prevention and fighting to raise awareness of university staff, in the afternoon of 28.07.2012 Hanoi University of Pharmacy in collaboration with Hoan Kiem Public Security Police Fire hold a fire drill at the university.

Joining the drill were: Commanding Committe of the fire fighting force of the university including 65 members and firefighters of Hoan Kiem District with02 fire engines.
The drill was taken place in the supposed situations of fire in the garage and on the second floor corridor of the staff offices during working hours. Thanks to the guidance of professional firefighters and the regular training of university fire fighting team, the drill had gained good results. The coordination among divisions took place as planned. The Commanding Board assigned different tasks to members such as cutting electricity, calling for help, guiding fire brigade on fire area, evacuating people and property from dangerous areas, using foam extinguishing facilities while waiting for fire engines. After about 10 minutes of fire, fire-fighters arrived at the scene and the fire was put out. The drill was successful.
 Although it was the unreal situation, the responsibility of staff and fire-fighters was high. Over the years, the drills like this have made a good contribution to solving the fires caused by electricity and negligence to save lives and protect the property of the university.
Some pictures of the drill
Dr. Nguyen Dang Hoa, Head ofCommanding Board of the fire fighting force made a speech before the drill
Lieutenant Nguyen Ngoc Thinh gave instruction before the drill
Fire forces listened carefully before the drill
Fire forces used foam and practice facilities on site
Fire and rescue vehicles were available in time to perform their tasks