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  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Information 2019, No 1 07/05/2019

    Antibiotics dispensing without prescription in community pharmacies in the world:  Systematic review and meta-analysis

    Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy, Vu Dinh Hoa, Luong Thi Thanh Huyen, Do Xuan Thang, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Nguyen Thanh Binh

    In silico simulation of in vitro dissolution profiles of cephalosporines
    on the basis of partial least square projection

    Nguyen Tran Linh, Nguyen Quoc Cong, Nguyen Thi Hien

    An improved synthesis of homopiperonylamine hydrochloride as a key intermediate in the preparation of berberine

    Nguyen Dinh Luyen, Nguyen Van Giang, Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc, Le Thi Huong,

    Pham Trung Kien, Nguyen Van Hai

    Method development for quantification of majonoside R2 in products contains Ngoc Linh ginseng by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

    Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh, Nguyen Chinh Khoa, Dinh Thi Thanh Hai

    In silico simulation of in vitro dissolution profiles of poorly water-soluble drugs based on non-linear mixed effect model


    Nguyen Tran Linh, Cao Minh Hieu


  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Information 2018, Vol 9, No 6 06/05/2019

    Determine undeclared addition of synthetic anti-diabetic drugs in herbal products by LC-MS/MS


    Dao Thi Cam Minh, Pham Thi Thanh Ha, Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh

    Cost-effectiveness of ticagrelor compared to clopidogrel in acute coronary syndromes: A systematic review 


     Dang Thanh Chuc, Dinh Nho Anh, Vu Thi Thu Hien, Nguyen Minh Huyen, Nguyen Manh Hai, Pham Nu Hanh Van

    Preparation and evaluation of quercetin phytosomes

    Nguyen Hong Trang, Trinh Viet Dat, Vu Thi Thu Giang, Pham Thi Minh Hue

    Influences of Cerium nitrate solution on the proliferation and emigration of cultured fibroblast

    Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Dinh Van Han, Luong Quang Anh


  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Information 2018, Vol 9, No5 04/05/2019

    Preparation of curcumin loaded zein nanoparticles

    Duong Thi Hong Anh, Vu Mai Huong,

    Nguyen Canh Hung

    Study on formulation of alginate microcapsules of sodium diclofenac by coacevation-phase separation 

    Nguyen Ngoc Chien, Tran Ngoc Bao,

    Quan Huu The, Le Thien Giap

    Safety signals relating to high-cost drugs used in Vietnam health insurance system: results from the National Pharmacovigilance Database

    Dang Bich Viet, Vo Thi Thuy Kieu,

    Nguyen Hoang Anh(b), Nguyen Thanh Binh, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Vu Dinh Hoa

    6-(Benzylamino)-2-phenylquinazolin-4(3H)-one derivatives: Synthesis and anticancer effect 

    Hoang Thu Trang, Nguyen Thi Lai,

    Le Nguyen Thanh, Van Thi My Hue

    Development of an UPLC-MS/MS for simultaneous determination of haloperidol and clozapine in human plasma 

    Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh, Phung Thanh Hai,

    Pham Thi Tham, Nguyen Thi Dung,

    Pham Thanh Huyen, Le Thi Thu Huyen, HoangDuc Cuong, PhanThi Nghia,

                                                                                  Ta Manh Hung​

  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Information 2018, Vol 9, No4 22/01/2019

    Influence of the coating components on drug realease of berberine colon-targeted tablets coated by dry powder coating


    Nguyen Van Lam, Bui Thi Oanh,

    Nguyen Thach Tung, Pham Thi Minh Hue

    Preparation of polymeric nanoparticles of ibuprofen for oral use

    Duong Thi Hong Anh, Nguyen Van Hieu

    Preparation of nanoliposomes by microfluidic technology 

    Tran Thi Hai Yen, Dang Thuy Linh,

    Vu Thi Thu, Ly Cong Thanh,

    Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, Pham Thi Minh Hue

    Development of cefpodoxim sustained-release floating tablets

    Nguyen Ngoc Chien, La Thanh Thuy,

    Bui Thi Lan Phuong

  • Journal of pharmaceutical Research and Drug information 2018, Vol 9, No 3 29/10/2018

    Synthesis and bioactivity of some new N-hydroxybenzamide derivatives bearing quinazoline-4(3H)-one moiety

    Nguyen Thi  Thuan, Doan Thanh Hieu,

    Tran Diem Huong, Phan Thi Phuong Dung

    Preparation of microemulsion containing clotrimazole

    Nguyen Thi Ngan, Nguyen Ha An,

    Bui Quang Dong, Nguyen Thach Tung

    Novel 6-(n-butylamino)-2-phenylquinazolin-4(3H)-on derivatives: Synthesis and cytotoxicity evaluation

    Ngo Xuan Hoang, Hoang Phuong Thuy, Hoang Thu Trang, Le Nguyen Thanh,

    Dinh Ngoc Thuc, Van Thi My Hue

    Assessing factors impacting on employees’ satisfaction at Traphaco join stock company

    Do Xuan Thang, Nguyen Thi Tu Anh,

    Nguyen Thi Vinh Hue, Nguyen Son Nam

    Study on morphology, anatomic microscopy and phytochemistry of Chamaecrista pumila (Lamk.) K. Larsen


    Vu Thanh Binh, Nguyen Manh Tuyen,

    Ha Van Oanh, Ho Thi Dung


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